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Author page: Jgiesing

Tips for Techs When Talking To Difficult Customers

An encounter with a difficult customer can be challenging. But it doesn't have to be. If you learn to have the right attitude and taking the right steps, you will easily navigate the troublesome customers and emerge out of the tricky situation unscathed. This post pertains to techs' tips to help you do just what you need when dealing with such customers. Let's dive in to see how to handle the difficult client.

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Home Users Can Keep There Computer Up To Date With Patch My PC

Updating third party programs is needed to patch security issues. Way too often we see computers that come into our repair shop that does not have the latest updates to common programs. Such as Adobe reader, Flashplayer, and Java. Each time you turn on your computer you noticed all of the theses notification letting you know that there is a new update and you should install it but most people just ignores these popups and continue with their business. THat is where patch my pc comes into play. Patch My PC is a free program for home users that allows them to easily patch a lot of these third party plugins. This gives you one program to update many of your favorite applications with an easy two clicks.

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Duo Phishing Campaign: Test Your Users 

Educating users is a big part of your role as an MSP or an IT technician. One of the best ways to protect your IT infrastructure is to make sure your users know how to use IT properly.Security Phishing Test Your User User education comes down to whether or not the user is going to click the wrong download button. For example, if one of the users you support are browsing the Internet and go to any number of pages that have what seems like seven different download buttons available. Educating your users could determine whether or not they click on one of the six ads that will inevitably result in junk software and toolbars being installed on the computers.

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Use Digit To Save Money Automatically 

Ever wanted a way to save money automatically. You should give Digit a try. Just sit back and start saving today. Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. If you have not started using technology to make your financial life easier, you should give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Save Money Automatically

Digit is an online application that assists you in saving by monitoring your spending habits and withdrawing small amounts of money based off of your average usage. This way it will seem almost invisible saving you money in the background.
Saving Money Should not be A Challenge Try Digit.

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What I Wish Everyone Knew About Office 365!

Microsofts Office 365 already has millions of users, and thousands of people are investing in the (relatively) new Office software every month. Office 365 varies widely from previous versions, and there are many new features and applications users can access. Most see these changes as positive and therefore decide to invest a little extra money in this product. Listed below are some facts that may help in deciding whether to buy Office 365:  

Office 365 Features you should Know about

Manage documents in the cloud

When users invest in this new version of Microsoft Office they cannot simply purchase the disc; downloading this product requires also downloading its cloud features. This edition of Office is designed to save documents to the cloud through OneDrive. Every OneDrive user who pays for the Home Premium edition is allotted 1 TB of space on the cloud. Users can still save their files locally if they wish, but they may miss out on access to a lot of features and applications. When using the OneDrive for business and SharePoint sites, you will be best to do your research to make sure it can meet your business goals. Microsoft's OneDrive does have some limitations that users might want to look into before deciding to use it as your main destination for files. The last thing a business owner want to find out is that their documents are not syncing.

Access Skype

Skype can be used for communicating on personal or business matters. Home Premium subscribers get an hour of free minutes to use for any international calling. For those with the business versions, Skype can be used for Instant Messaging, Voice calling, and even HD Video conferencing. With Skype for business, you can even present your screen during a conference.

Install it on up to five devices

The Home Premium  & some of the business version such as E3 or Small Business Premium allows for installing the software on five devices. This is 5 Full installs & 5 mobile devices. However, some of the applications may not be available on certain mobile devices.

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