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Welcome to my About page! My name is Josh Giesing, and I’m the President of Computer PRO Unltd. I’m passionate about technology and committed to providing outstanding services, which has led me to work my way up through the ranks and become the leader of this company. This website allows me to post random thoughts, ideas, and blog posts that I do not think will work well on my work website. Below, I have a short bio about myself.

My Journey

I started my career at Computer PRO Unltd as a secretary while attending Lewis and Clark tech school. My dedication and passion for learning enabled me to quickly progress through various roles, ultimately leading to my current position as President. In 2021 I was selected in the 100 People To Know In St. Louis.

Throughout my time at Computer PRO Unltd, I’ve worked on a diverse array of projects, such as managing networks with hundreds of computers, building servers and computers, and handling cybersecurity for numerous clients. I’ve also been responsible for cyber incident response and management, ensuring the protection and security of our clients’ digital assets.

Josh Giesing

My Expertise

My expertise extends to Office 365, website development, and network design. I am committed to staying up-to-date with industry trends and leveraging cutting-edge technologies to provide exceptional services to our clients.

Personal Life

In my leisure time, I enjoy strategy video games. Some of my go to video games are rimworld and CK3. Back in the day I was a big fan of Age of Empires 2. I also love reading and gardening, allowing me to unwind. Sometimes there is nothing better than a good book. When I am limited on time I will often turn to audio books. I do not really know what my favorite genre is but I tend to read more history, historical fiction and mystery books ( everyone loves a good who done it).

I have a wonderful wife and daughter who provide unwavering support and encouragement. I credit my personal and professional achievements to the love and motivation of my family who live locally and afar.

Though I admit to not being the strongest in grammar and spelling, I have an insatiable appetite for learning. I know some Russian and am eager to expand my linguistic skills. I’ve traveled to numerous countries, gaining valuable insights and experiences. However, I’ve spent the

majority of my life in the St. Louis metro area, which I call home.

As the President of Computer PRO Unltd, I’m dedicated to ensuring that our clients receive top-quality service and support. My journey from secretary to President is a testament to my hard work, passion for technology, and commitment to excellence. When you choose to work with Computer PRO Unltd, you can be confident that you’re partnering with a team led by an experienced and knowledgeable professional like myself.

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