Exist.io: A Dashboard for Your Data

Like most people, I am constantly looking for ways to increase my productivity. Since I am a bit of a geek I usually use apps or technology to help but a lot of times it’s hard to put most of the important stats in one place. The average individual juggles various apps and platforms daily. Tracking our health, tasks, moods, and habits can feel disjointed, with pieces of our lives scattered across different platforms. Enter Exist.io – a centralized dashboard that brings the disparate threads of our digital lives into a single tapestry.

The Power of a Centralized Dashboard

Before diving into the specifics of Exist.io, it’s essential to understand the importance of a unified dashboard. With so many applications available, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by the sheer volume of data and notifications. By centralizing this information, Exist.io gives users a clear, concise overview of their habits, health, and productivity, allowing for more informed decisions and insights. I am very impressed with their dashboard. It has most Integrations you would need and tons of stats.

Visualize Data More Clearly

Instead of hopping from one platform to another, all the vital Fitbit data is presented in a digestible format on Exist.io.

Identify Patterns

By merging Fitbit data with other sources, it’s easier to spot patterns. For instance, one might notice a correlation between sleep quality and productivity levels or mood. They have a section called treads where you can easily corralte the different stats.

Todoist Integration: Productivity Central

For those unfamiliar, Todoist is a renowned task management tool that aids individuals in organizing their lives. By integrating Todoist with Exist.io, users benefit from it.

Task Overview

All your tasks, big or small, are displayed alongside other crucial life data. This overview can be invaluable in planning out your day or week.

Efficiency Analysis

With combined data, Exist.io might show that you’re most productive after a good workout or that you complete more tasks when you’ve had a solid eight hours of sleep.

Manual Tracking: Filling in the Gaps

While integrations are invaluable, Exist.io recognizes that not everything can be automatically tracked. Hence, it offers manual tracking, which allows users to

Personalize Data Input

Whether it’s mood tracking, a new habit, or an uncommon activity, manual tracking ensures that all aspects of one’s life are covered.

Enhance Data Accuracy

By allowing manual inputs, Exist.io ensures that any discrepancies in automated data can be corrected or supplemented.

The Magic of Data

What makes Exist.io so powerful is its ability to synthesize data from multiple sources. It doesn’t merely display information side-by-side; it draws connections. By analyzing the intertwined data, users can discern patterns and insights that would be nearly impossible to spot when viewing each data source in isolation. This synthesis can lead to profound personal realizations about one’s habits, health, and overall well-being.


The developer behind the app does not sell your data or use it for purposes of advertising. This is a great advantage especially since most people do not keep track or notice when companies sell their data. Some might consider this trivial but this is a huge plus especially since you give them so much data if you use their service.

Exist.io isn’t just another app; it’s a lens through which we can view the multifaceted aspects of our lives. By bringing together data from Fitbit, Todoist, manual tracking, and many other sources, it offers a holistic view of our daily existence. For anyone seeking clarity in the chaotic digital age, Exist.io is a beacon, guiding them toward a deeper understanding and, ultimately, a more fulfilled life. The only thing they really need to do is add more Integrations into their platform. This would greatly increase the worth of their service.

I highly recommend you sign up for a trial!

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