​The Evils of Office 365 Shared Calendar 

Microsofts Office 365 is a great product, but it does have one problem that drives me crazy. Before I start complaining, I really do like office 365. Microsoft Exchange has always ruled email in the business environment and with it being combined with other services it makes it ideal for collaboration.

The Issue 

The issue that seems to be causing me the most problems is the lack of support to access shared mailboxes and calendars on mobile devices. With Microsofts big push in the mobile world, I would think this would be a feature that they would have added. 

The Solution 

I will be OK without checking the shared mailboxes, but what I really want is to access the shared calendars. I have found one app on Android called Team Calendar sync. It does exactly what I want, but it is a little disappointing that Microsoft has not come up with the solution. 
Microsoft has come out with groups for office 365 but this does not have all the items I am looking for. It allows you to post calendar entries to the shared calendar, but doesn’t have settings to remind everyone in the group about the upcoming calendar entry. 
I would imagine this is something they are working on or maybe there push would be to use a SharePoint calendar list. Which seems to have its own set of hurdles. 
How does your company use its shared calendar? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks 

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