Why America Must Stand With Ukraine: A Personal Perspective

This is a topic that might not hit home for many but, for me it does. As a man born and raised in the heart of America, my connection to Ukraine may seem distant to some. But for me, the bond runs deep, strengthened by love and understanding, thanks to my wife who is from Ukraine. Having been to Ukraine many times and getting to know the people and culture I am moved by this conflict more than most Americans.

At first glance, the issues in Ukraine may seem like yet another international conflict, far removed from our daily lives. However, I firmly believe that America’s support for Ukraine is more than just international politics; it’s a reflection of our core values and the future of global democracy. This unproved war should have support form all country’s.

1. The Defense of Democracy

America has always championed the ideals of democracy, freedom, and human rights. Ukraine, since its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, has aspired to build a democratic nation despite the numerous challenges it has faced. By supporting Ukraine, we’re not just aiding a country in need but also fortifying the principles our nations hold dear. We have consistently stood for freedom, and now is not the time to change course. We must continue supporting countries that want freedom.

2. Our Shared Values

While I work at a managed service provider, helping businesses operate smoothly, my wife frequently shares tales of her homeland, emphasizing the resilience, determination, and hard work of the Ukrainian people. These stories resonate with me, mirroring the values our Midwestern community cherishes. Standing by Ukraine is akin to standing by a kindred spirit. Even in popular culture, as evidenced by country artist Brad Paisley’s recent song (same here), there’s growing support for Ukraine.

3. The Global Ripple Effect

If America remains passive towards Ukraine’s conflict, it could embolden other countries to pursue aggressive actions against their neighbors. By taking a stand, America sends a strong message that aggression against sovereign nations won’t be tolerated. This is evident in scenarios like Taiwan’s struggle for independence. If we do not support country’s trying to be free it could have a devastating result showing many other dictator that they are able to take what they want.

4. The Humanitarian Aspect

Behind every news headline about the war in Ukraine are real people with real stories, much like my wife and her family. Their struggles, dreams, and hopes mirror ours. By supporting Ukraine, we’re extending a helping hand to millions of innocent lives caught in the crossfire. The outpouring of support when the war broke out was heartening, but our commitment to Ukraine and its citizens must continue. Russia is playing the long game hoping support for the Ukraine will fall in western country’s letting them claim Ukraine’s land and many lives.

The other day I was reminded by this when looking at a news article on the guardian that showed a Ukraine father heart broken as he laid flowers at his sons photo. His son died in combat fighting for freedom in Ukraine and it was a emotional photo. There are many such photos in the media and on telegram.

5. Economic and Strategic Importance

Ukraine, rich in resources and strategically located in Eastern Europe, can offer tremendous economic opportunities for American businesses and act as a counterweight against the spread of authoritarian regimes. The more Russia’s sphere of influence spreads the more of a threat they will be to the free world.

It infuriates me to see companies like Burger King and Unilever continue their operations in Russia without any qualms.

The last time I visited Ukraine was in January 2022. Conversations with locals revealed a belief that an actual war was improbable. They perceived it as Russia posturing for favorable terms and believed it was merely political rhetoric. Tragically, they were wrong. I remember the horrible moment when the war commenced: I was at home, having dinner when a news notification went off on my phone, closely followed by a call from my wife, broke the devastating news. I’m grateful my wife and daughter was able to leave the country after the war broke out. They were scared but with a lot of persuading and many hours of the phone and video calls they made it to Livy and then out of the country.

Airport In Ukraine January 2022

In conclusion, America’s support for Ukraine transcends geopolitics. It epitomizes our shared values, commitment to democracy, and human obligation to stand beside those in distress. As someone intimately connected to both worlds, I urge fellow Americans to perceive Ukraine’s ordeal not as a remote conflict but as a testament to humanity’s unyielding spirit. Supporting Ukraine reaffirms the principles that make America a beacon of hope. This should not be a issue divided by party lines. Both republicans and democrats should support helping Ukraine end this war.

I encourage everyone to further educate themselves on this topic. Numerous books and even free courses are available, offering invaluable insights.

Books to consider reading: Gates Of Europe, The Russo-Ukrainian War, Killer in The Kremlin 

Thank you for reading.

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