Enom – Horrible Customer Service

Dealing with Enom in the past was never a pain. If I had an issue, I would send a ticket. Wait a couple of hours, and I would have a solution. It was straight forward and was relativity painless. Recently I have been having an entirely different type of experience!

tech support

First, I go to purchase some SSL certificates and receive a message saying I need to contact support. I call support who informs me that they can not assist me and I need to contact risk management. The only way to contact risk management is VIA email. I email them and wait for a little over 24 hours. I receive a messaging informing me that I need to send them a government ID and business licenses. I thought it was odd but sent the information anyways. After sending the information within ten minutes I get an email saying my account was reactivated. This was an annoyance but it was liveable.

Two weeks later…. I submit a support request asking for assistance on an issue. I waited six days no reply from my request. So I updated the status of my request then submitted a new ticket. I had to wait an additional three days for them to get back to me with an answer.


I use to be a fan of enom, but recently I feel that their customer service is horrible. That is all of my rant. I hope that this was just a couple of mistakes and that my further dealings with the company will be pleasant.

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