Office 365 Growing Bigger than ever

Microsofts’ office 365 has taken off. It is starting to rule the Small to medium size business email market. With the many advantages, busienss get by using the product it is not a surprise that the Office 365 is striving. When Office 365 was first released many businesses were slow to adapt, but now we see business switch to the subscription office suite quickly.

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King of Small Business

Office 365 offers business a full enterprise experience by still giving them the small business price tag. This allows small business to take advantage of many features that are normally only available to enterprise users. Even though most businesses hate going to a subscription model vs. buying it outright Office 365 is king.

The most sought after feather in Office 365 that we see in small businesses is exchange. The email platform that gives small business’s the same tools that enterprise business use. Without of office messages, full email, calendar, and contact sync between all of your devices. Office 365 is perfect for small business.

It Can Be Improved

There is still room for improvement with Office 365. Especially when it comes to SharePoint and onedrive.Sharepoint and onedrive client is flaky at best when syncing large amounts of data. Most of the time the users will experience problems with duplicate content. We have also seen many tech’s deploys and configure the client incorrectly leaving the customer to deal with the headache of Onedrive being broken from the start.

As mentioned previously another week spot with office 365 is the lack of support for shared calendar sync. Office 365 has recently added the group app for mobile devices, but it still serves as a sorry replacement.

Even with the issues mentioned above. Office 365 should be the choice that most small and medium size business chooses from giving them all the tools they need and more. Since Office 365 is a subscription server, we have seen Microsoft add items the solution stack such as planner since it’s release. By adding items to the suite it shows great potential if they continue to grow the options that are available to small business.

Are you using Office 365? If so what features would you like to see them add?

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