Use Digit To Save Money Automatically 

Ever wanted a way to save money automatically. You should give Digit a try. Just sit back and start saving today.

Technology has made our lives easier in many ways. If you have not started using technology to make your financial life easier, you should give it a try. You will not be disappointed.

Save Money Automatically

Digit is an online application that assists you in saving by monitoring your spending habits and withdrawing small amounts of money based off of your average usage. This way it will seem almost invisible saving you money in the background.

Saving Money Should not be A Challenge Try Digit.

I was a bit concerned at first, but after trying it out for a couple of months, I am a big fan. It is an easy and effortless way to save money using modern technology. Digit will even send you daily updates and keep you informed of your checking and savings activity.

If you feel that you might be tight on money you have the option to pause your savings. Digit will not withdraw money during this period and will give you time to get your finances in order. After telling the app to pause it will ask for how long. Once you are 24 hours away from your start date digit will ask you if you want to start saving again. If you think you need more time you just tell the app to pause for a couple of more days.

Save Money Automtically

When you need to withdraw money, you just open the digit app or text the digit number and say withdrawal. Digit will then transfer the amount specified back into your back account.

Giving you an easy way to save and some financial security. I would highly recommend giving digit a try.

Digit even has some jokes and random facts built in for your amusement. After meeting some of your goals digits will let you know by sending some creative text messages.



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