Why You Should Give Your Subscriptions a Quick Check Now and Then

Hey there! Ever wondered if you’re *really* getting the bang for your buck with all the subscription services you’re signed up for? Whether it’s binge-watching shows on Netflix or Hulu, jamming to the latest hits on Spotify, or enjoying quick deliveries from Amazon Prime, it’s super easy to sign up and forget. But here’s a little nudge on why you might want to give them a once-over every now and then.

1. Saving Some Cash

First up, who doesn’t want to save money? Take a peek at your subscriptions and ask yourself:

  • Am I even using this anymore? If you’re not, maybe it’s time to let it go.
  • Do I really need both Netflix and Hulu? If there’s a top of the same stuff on both, might be time to pick a fav.
  • Any discounts or bundle deals? Companies love giving out deals, and you might be missing out! You should check with your cellphone provider to, see if they offer any deals on some of the services and if you are a student you should see if there is a discount available for you.
  • Do not forget to check out free services that are available at your local library. Many offer services such as Libby, Hoopla, and a lot of different newspapers you can access free of charge.

2. People Change, So Do Tastes

What you loved last year might be meh Maybe you’re into crime dramas now instead of romantic comedies. Make sure your subs match your current tastes. Sometimes you might just want to mix it up. With all the different services offered nowadays, it doesn’t hurt to test the waters a little.

3. Services Mix Things Up

Platforms change things up. Shows come and go, prices go up (rarely down, sadly), and sometimes they add or take away cool features. Stay in the know! Make sure you are checking your bank statements to see if a service is not worth the price.

4. Are You Even Using All the Features?

Have you ever bought a fancy gadget and only used half the features? The same goes for subscriptions. For instance, Amazon Prime isn’t just about fast shipping. They’ve got movies, music, and more. Dive in! The same can be said for Audible. Audible Plus is included with an Audible subscription and includes a lot of books without buying more credits.

5. Don’t Get Stuck in a Yearly Trap

Yearly deals can save money, but only if you’re using the service all year. Maybe monthly is better for you. I find that I watch more shows during the winter months so I will often skip services like Hulu or Philo TV during the summer.

6. Watch Out for Sneaky Sign-Ups

Check for any subs you don’t remember signing up for. Better safe than sorry! Many times they offer a free trial and before you know it you are paying a lot of money for streaming services monthly. This even happens with software (looking at you Adobe)

7. Too Many Subs?

Do you ever feel like you’ve got too much of a good thing? That’s subscription fatigue. If you’re feeling it, maybe it’s time to trim the list.

Subscription I Use

Below is a quick list of subscription services I use:


  • Netflix (had them since they only did DVDs)
  • Hulu (on occasion I have a subscription )
  • Philo TV (on occasion I have a subscription – a guilty pleasure of mine is the Food Network)
  • HBOMax (only have to watch game of Thrones for a month)
  • AMC (got a month to finish The Walking Dead – my sister used to watch this show with me)
  • Disney Plus(got it for Star Wars for a month )


  • Pandora (used before I got Spotify )
  • Spotify (I have a on again off again relationship with this service)
  • Audible (usually will have for a few months each year )
  • Libby (love this free service )
  • Hoopla (content is hit or miss but it’s free, has movies but I like audiobooks)


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Subscriptions are great for entertainment and convenience. But every once in a while, it’s good to see if they’re still bringing value for *you*. Give ’em a look, make some tweaks, and enjoy them even more!

Side note: I have not used it but there is a service called privacy.com that gives you different card numbers so you can keep your actual cards private. With the amount of data breaches, it’s always a good idea to take extra precautions if you can.

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